This page is a virtual meeting place for ALL Hyatt family members -- wherever you may live. The site originated with Eric Hyatt in Georgia and is now being maintained by Fred Liner (Grandmother - Mary Hyatt). We have our reunion every year the first Saturday in August in the Qualla (Whitter, NC) community of Western North Carolina, just outside the town of Cherokee (Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians). We will post links of all sorts in the future, including our family lineage, which can be used to compare to yours. Further, please write, and let's each see if we can put it ALL together one day :) By the way, our ancestors are first from England, and included Sir Charles Hyatt and his sons. P-L-E-A-S-E write or email; Robert and Lawrence Hyatt's email links are below, the link to contact me is on the Contact menu item. Shoal Creek is part of the Qualla Community and this is the address of our 2014-2015 president, Robert Hyatt. We're looking forward to meeting, hearing from, and sharing with YOU! If you have any pictures you would like to share please feel free to send them to me via email or the postal service.

Please be sure to click on the menu items above the "The Hyatt Family" banner to access the newsletter, FAQ's, Pictures, and also to contact us. Below are the email addresses for our President and Historian.

ROBERT HYATT (President) - www.shoalcreekhyatt@aol.com​ Lawrence Hyatt (Historian) - lchyatt@etcmail.com

Hyatt Coat of Arms Description Origin: English Coat of Arms: Silver with a red lion and a stripe across the top of black. Crest: A black flying horse. Motto: Fac et spera (WORK AND HOPE) HYATT SPELLINGS & VARYIING VERSIONS OF CRESTS Hiatt - according to the Burke's General Armory... As. a lion ramp. ar. Crest- A lion's paw erased, holding a broken spear all ppr. Since the Hyatt lion paws are usually intact and raised, I guess the Hiatt part of the family must have been more fighters although the Hyatt lion appears on top of a Castle sometimes like ownership or protectors as it is in defense. Hyatt - according to Burke's... Ar. a lion ramp. sa. a chief per fesse indented of the first and second. Crest- A demi lion ramp. ppr. Another Crest -A tower gu. out of the battlement a demi lion ramp. sa. Motto - Fac et spera. Hyett - (Wotton, co. Somerset, 1573). Ar. a lion ramp. gu. a chief per fesse indented of the first and sa. Crest - A demi pegasus sa. crined or, wings endorsed, of the last. Hyett - Same Arms. Crest - A dexter hand, holding a thistle in pale ppr. Hyett - (Brampton, co. Hereford; Richard Hyett, Esq., was Sheriff of co. Hereford, 1601). Ar. a lion ramp. sa in chief a fesse of the second, a crescent for diff. Hyett - (co. Gloucester). Ar. a lion ramp. sa. a chief indented of the last. Crest - A tower gu. out of the battlements a demi lion ramp. sa. Hyett (Painswick House, co. Gloucester). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a lion ramp. az. on a chief dancettee sa. two roses ar., for Hyett; 2nd and 3rd, erm. three cats pass. in pale az., For Adams. Crest - 1st A castle ppr. charged with four pellets, issuing therefrom a lion's head sa. in the mouth a rose slipped gu., for Hyett; 2nd A greyhound's head erased erm., for Adams. Motto - Cor immobile.